MEEC: Topic of March 05 2016

Dear all member of MEEC
For the meeting on March 5, 2016, I would like to notice you about the Topic of this meeting. This is " Our student life". 
Here are some suggestion questions :
1. What is your major? Let describe something about it?
2. What is the most difficult to you when you study at universities?
3. What is your dream/plan after graduating from university?
4. Have ever you imagined that who you will be in the future? And how to earn money with your major that you study at university?
Please prepare carefully about vocabulary, and ideas for your speech. See you later.
Note that we will go together on Saturday's afternoon (14h) at the room of 708A6.
Please confirm that you have read this post by a comment : YES or OK below. 
Thank you !!!


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