MEEC: TOPIC for the March 19, 2016

Hi everyone, 
English has become one of the most crucial factors with our lives. However, the questions of why we study English, how we learn it or how we use it in our working life seems to be quite hard with us. To deal with these questions, our TOPIC for the 19 March 2016 metting will be : " MY ENGLISH". 
In order to help for your preparation I would like to give to you some suggested questions :       
1 - How long have you studied English?
2 - How did you study English? ( when you were child or when you were in primary/secondary school)?
3 - What skills/knowledge do you think that is the most important in English (Grammar, Pronunciation, Reading, Speaking, Writing ...)
4 - Share with us the method to study English that you have applied
5 - What is the benefit of studying English in our life?
6 - How to get better in English?.

Một số ý giúp các bạn có thể áp dụng với chủ đề English :
Earn a well paid job, can help relax myself, as my hobbies, raise my sense of confidence, become more flexible, ...

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